While I was living in France, at the age of fourteen, I once found myself in front of a graffiti scribbled on a bus. It was saying “mort aux juifs !” (“Death to the Jew !”).  At the time, I did not know yet that I was a Jew myself. I was much less likely to imagine that one day I would live in Israel, in Bnei Brak, as an Orthodox Jew.

The shock of this graffiti was such that it remains to this day like an image, certainly dark and fatal, but quite clear before my eyes, and that it induced me into building my whole life like an answer: I started looking for my roots and I eventually returned to the traditions and religion of my ancestors.





My artistic approach


Later, still in France, I became interested in photography, and for two years in Paris, I learned its art.

The documentary photography work of Roman Vishniac impressed me. Before the Holocaust, he traveled all over central and eastern Europe to immortalize the Jewish communities. He sensed a world to disappear.

The Jewish people have suffered so much. Destruction, Darkness, Evil fill the universe.

However, G-od also created the light. And the light is not just something good, it’s THE Good.



The 3rd Witness




Good eye


I feel invested with a positive and happy mission, that of acquiring “a good eye” in order to seek the light, to reveal the Good. And then, to photograph.

Most of my daily life at work is spent in event photography. In the exercise of my activity, I sometimes attend magical moments touching the heart of my being. While these moments are rather worthless for my clients, they are precisely the ones I am looking for. They attest to the beauty, the good, and the deep, unlimited and eternal light of the Jewish people.



A world which has not disappeared.

My eternal people !